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Freez • Inc

Interested in driving buzz? Freez Makes an Impact by challenging traditional rules.

Strategic • Distinctive • Eccentric• Avant-garde

Our Mission:

>>To develop innovative and distinctive marketing strategy to foster brand awareness that aligns with our clients’ vision and business objectives.

>>To inspire with passion and drive smart partnerships and on-target brand positioning for our clients.

>>To captivate audience, create lasting chemistry and positively memorable results for any promotional campaigns and events.

Freez provides total event production & promotion solutions to clients from different fields of business. We keep our ideas fresh enough to tailor-made solutions to you and your brand. We put branding as a major element into our proposal since it resembles the unique image of every product and project.


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Freez Citizens

We are passionate and energetic! We dedicate ourselves to strive for the best solution to optimize and execute your go-to-market strategy.

Creative • Effective • Resourceful • Reputable

Freez is a creative and effective media relation team, with focus on timelines and integration with other marketing efforts, to create measurable results for our clients.

Freez takes care of the 'Leg Work'. We use our negotiation tactics and purchasing power to deliver goods and services to save you a lot of time. Our high level of experience makes the difference between a successful campaign or event and one that just misses the mark!

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Freez Spectra

Discover how our expert team can make your campaign shine!

At Freez, we work in close coordination with our graphic designers, media planning and placement specialists to build your brand. We collaborate with some of the best experts in the entertainment / event planning industry.

Our flexible, yet thorough, attitude towards client communication is carried through into the presentation style of our creative concepts, with several different options always devised and produced to incite discussion and fine-tune the overall project or campaign proposition, and its underlying message.


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Freez able

Freez is your communication vehicle to Get the Words Out!

Captivating • Imaginative • Engaging • Symbolic

With 10 years of working experience in the media, design & printing, marketing & promotion, models & event management fields, our team has developed a strong media, advertising & promotion network to provide clients with the most effective and budget-concerned solution.

We have dealt with many consumer brands and we realized that image and branding are very crucial in generating creative ideas to tailor make successful promotion & marketing plans.

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Freez Style & Substance

Rejuvenate your company through a new brand strategy!

The aim of every advertising and promotional strategy is to create awareness of your product, to arouse customers' needs and expectations to the point of consumption. It entails identifying and selecting the media that provide the greatest amount of exposure for your business and developing effective, yet appropriate materials for each medium.

Planned strategically and targeted correctly, Freez always ensures your business expressing the right messages to a receptive audience.

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Freez Frame

Freez is a production medium specializes in providing clients with ONE-STOP strategic promotion & advertising services. Concept creativity is our key to open up opportunities in the consumer market & the entertainment sector.

Through our teams of graphic & web design, production, PR & marketing specialists, we dedicate ourselves to strive for the best solution to fit into our clients’ plan and budget.

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Freez Standing

We have the talent and resources to bring your vision to life!

As experienced event and meeting planners, our management services provide you a full service commitment in planning and executing your meeting or event, on-site management and post-event evaluation.

Our ability to constantly develop and explore new ideas is taking us to the vanguard of HK's design & marketing industry, whilst our innovative approach to solving detailed campaign issues, however complex, continues to deliver the goods to an extensive and varied client-base.

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